Specialized Education at SHARE™

Category 5 Hurricane Mass Sheltering Exercise

A mass sheltering exercise transforms the Simulation Hospital into a Red Cross shelter, filled with volunteer "evacuees" seeking safety in advance of a major hurricane. Students must take on various roles, including shelter workers conducting client intake and assessments according to Red Cross protocols while carefully watching for signs of any infectious disease.

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Active Shooter Incident

With the increased occurrence of mass casualty incidents, the role of nurse-as-first-responder is being reimagined. Simulation scenarios conducted for nursing and MD/MPH students have included multiple explosions and an active shooters at Marlins Park who followed the victims into the hospital.

Infectious Disease / Pandemic Education and Training

Guided by principles of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, the simulation assesses students' clinical decision-making abilities, interaction with emergency first responders, and adherence to Centers for Disease Control infection-control guidelines for hospital settings.

Symposiums, Lectures, and Conferences

SHARE’s™ 280-seat auditorium is a vital setting where healthcare professionals, students, faculty, community members, industry and government agency partners gather on topics that advance healthcare education and delivery. Timely presentations have included disaster preparedness and response, warning signs of Medicare fraud and abuse, and the healthcare provider’s role and responsibilities in identifying patients who may be victims of human trafficking.