Custom Designed Simulation Education Courses and Consultation

New to simulation or looking to expand your knowledge or facility space for patient simulation? Let use custom design a course for you that can be presented at our facility or yours. While there is a lot of information available today about simulation education, it can be overwhelming if you are new and it may not fit your specific needs. Let our team of experienced simulation educators help customize a course for you and your institution. Listed below are customizable course topics that we offer. For more information contact: Zuzer Calero, Director of S.H.A.R.E.® Operations, by email: or by phone: 305-284-2709.

Introduction to Simulation-based Education

Designed to provide an overview of the theoretical basis for incorporating simulation into health professions education. The course incorporates a guided immersive experience for participants in the progression of simulation scenario development, simulation execution, and scenario debriefing.

Simulation Instructor Development

Designed for new instructors, this interactive course provides an introductory foundation for simulation-based education. Participants learn the principles of experiential learning including various types of simulation instruction, scenario design and debriefing strategies.  

Simulation Debriefing

Designed for new instructors, this interactive course provides an evidence-based overview of common debriefing methods utilized in healthcare simulation-based education. Emphasis is placed on selection and use of debriefing methods that best fit for the learner and simulation objectives.

Design and Building Your Simulation Center

Designed for faculty, administrators and simulation support specialist who will be tasked with the planning, design, and building (or expanding) a healthcare simulation center. Emphasis is placed on matching learner and educational objectives to physical design and operational workflow of the Simulation Center.

Simulation Operations and Support Specialist Development

Designed for new simulation operations specialists focusing on essential tasks associated with the daily operations and maintenance of a simulation center. An overview of simulation-based education is presented followed by interactive sessions focused on scenario set-up, basic manikin operations, AV and IT support, and scenario execution.