Overview of the PEARLS Debriefing Tool

Simulation educators have long recognized the essential role of debriefing in simulation education to help transform experience into learning. Debriefing should be a reflection in the cycle of experiential learning, to help identify and close gaps in knowledge and skills. PEARLS [Promoting Excellence And Reflective Learning in Simulation] is an integrated conceptual framework for a blended approach to debriefing proposed by Drs. Walter Eppich and Adam Cheng. It provides a rationale for scripted debriefing through the use of the PEARLS debriefing tool. Above all, PEARLS is adaptable to different learners, learning objectives, and experience levels of the simulation educator.

This self-directed learning course will serve as your guide for using the PEARLS approach to simulation debriefings.

Learner Objectives

Upon conclusion of this self-directed learning course, you should be able to:

  • Articulate a rationale for the inclusion of debriefing in simulation-based education.
  • Summarize the five components of the PEARLS debriefing model.
  • For a given simulation scenario, outline a plan to facilitate the debriefing phase of the simulation session.

Instructions and Navigation

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