Outpatient Clinic

Fully immersive, ambulatory and outpatient clinic suite with full feature patient examination rooms, clinician workstation, patient interview and education setting. The setting serves as a backdrop for medical office and outpatient clinic simulations. Standardized patient prep room and back entry to clinic rooms.

This setting can be utilized for:

  • Patient history and physical examination training
  • Clinician education for navigating electronic medical records
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) suite
  • Clinical studies recruitment and consent training
  • Patient teaching and patient education training
  • Telehealth training - sending and receiving
  • Delivering bad news training
  • Psychiatric and mental health team crisis management training

Find out more about our Professional Support Opportunities

  • Film and video production for training, entertainment
  • Product design and prototyping, human factors and ergonomics evaluation
  • Photo and catalog production for equipment, supplies, uniforms
  • 3-D and 360o interactive media clinical setting assets production
  • Architecture, engineering, modeling and design lab setting


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