Four fully-outfitted Operating Rooms provide opportunities for advanced students to practice life-threatening, high-risk, low-frequency events that are infrequently available to them in the clinical practice sites. Both undergraduate and graduate students participate in scenarios stressing teamwork and effective communications which are crucial to positive patient outcomes. The suite also features a full featured endovascular simulator for replicating and training in interventional radiology procedures.

This setting can be utilized for:

  • Surgical setting orientation, gowning and gloving, sterile field training
  • Surgical and anesthesia personnel skills training, and assessment
  • Surgical personnel on-boarding and/or competency validation
  • Surgical team crisis resource management training

Find out more about our Professional Support Opportunities

  • Film and video production for training, entertainment
  • Product design and prototyping, human factors and ergonomics evaluation
  • Photo and catalog production for equipment, supplies, uniforms
  • 3-D and 360o interactive media clinical setting assets production
  • Architecture, engineering, modeling and design lab setting


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