Building Features

The Simulation Hospital for Advancing Research & Education (SHARE™) is one of the nation’s first education-based destination centers for simulation immersion. Designed to replicate functioning outpatient clinic, hospital, and home environments to allow for patient treatment across the life-span continuum, this revolutionary facility enables students and practitioners to work together as active participants in patient care.

When designing this new state-of-the-art facility, the school’s leaders not only aimed to reproduce a fully functioning hospital, but also to capture the true flow of a hospital. Given that patient safety breaches are often the result of miscommunication that occurs when transferring patients from one unit or nurse to another, wings and units will strategically replicate such real-life paths.

As regards its value as a community and national resource for developing and testing mass casualty protocols, SHARE™ facilitates this process, beginning with the moment individuals enter the hospital through the ER, or as patients admitted to a floor, and continuing as the simulated patients interact with health professionals, experience transitions in care, and have symptoms or care procedures that present pathogen transmission or other inherent public health threats. SHARE™ serves as a resource for development and testing of “best practices,” materials and technology to address catastrophic events, including infectious disease outbreaks, and for training health professions students, healthcare professionals, first responders, and other essential personnel, in their use.