Fully immersive, high-fidelity emergency medical services suite and six emergency care rooms. The suite includes an ambulance bay entrance and outside access for triage, bio-hazard decontamination, building rappel and rescue training scenarios. The suite has a designated infection control isolation room as well as trauma and resuscitation rooms. The suite is idea for multiple/simultaneous patient simulation scenarios. An Emergency Incident Command center provides interactive multimedia table-top simulation exercises for disaster, mass casualty, and incident command training.

This setting can be utilized for:

  • Triage and emergency care orientation
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support training
  • Emergency medical skills training, and assessment
  • Emergency medical personnel on-boarding and/or competency validation
  • Emergency medical team crisis resource management training
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  • Film and video production for training, entertainment
  • Product design and prototyping, human factors and ergonomics evaluation
  • Photo and catalog production for equipment, supplies, uniforms
  • 3-D and 360o interactive media clinical setting assets production
  • Architecture, engineering, modeling and design lab setting


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