About Us

In 2010 the landmark Future of Nursing Institute of Medicine report called for a revolution in the nursing profession to address the need for a larger and better-trained healthcare workforce. This watershed document also addressed the need for health professions educators to instill in all students the tools for interdisciplinary collaboration via combined clinical training opportunities, with the patient at the center of this cooperative effort. 

Heeding this call for a revolutionary contribution to the profession, the School of Nursing and Health Studies realized its bold plan for a state-of-the-art hospital for providing simulation-based education in 2017.

The School’s transformative vision for the 41,000-square-foot facility is threefold: to raise the bar on healthcare provider education, impact patient safety and inter-professional education, and build a program of excellence around the science of simulation that addresses the serious public health challenges of the 21st century, from the effects of climate change and globalization to antibiotic-resistant pandemics and terrorist acts.

This vision will continue to evolve as we help meet the complex, chaotic, and quickly changing needs of healthcare systems that rely on healthcare providers who can make fast-but-effective decisions, contribute to teams, communicate well and mitigate errors.

The Simulation Hospital for Advancing Research and Education (SHARE™) serves as a resource for the School of Nursing and Health Studies, for the University of Miami as a whole, and for national and international healthcare communities preparing to confront large-scale public health and safety challenges.

Simulation-based education increases practitioner competence at the individual and interdisciplinary-team level without putting live patients at risk. Skills gained in the simulation environment lead to better patient care and improved retention of knowledge and skills over the long term. Our learners give rave reviews to their simulation training as a teaching mechanism that allows them to learn and build confidence effectively, connect didactic learning to real-life situations, and practice their professional communication skills with each other in realistic scenarios.

SHARE™ is a beacon of innovation designed to inspire, engage and empower these learners through education, research, scholarship and service so they may go on to transform lives and healthcare across the hemisphere.